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Welcome for the Dean

As the Dean of Parent Programming and Director of New School Development, I am pleased to welcome you to the website of UME Preparatory Academy, the first public charter school in Texas employing a method of education that has been used with great success in the private education sector for two decades. UME Prep is built around a new method of schooling that, paradoxically, is rooted in a long tradition; it is the traditional method used by almost all universities in the United States. It is traditional and yet innovative in its application to pre-collegiate education.

Fundamental to our approach is the belief that character, and specifically work ethic, is just as important to advanced academic and vocational success as mastery of academic content and skills. UME Prep’s approach is specifically designed to foster the development of a sound work ethic in students while instilling critical academic content and key skills. At its core, the academic content is defined by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), as is the case with all public schools in Texas. Unifying this content is a commitment to training students in trans-disciplinary communication, reasoning, research, technology, and leadership skills. From our perspective, these are not just “21st Century Skills”—although they are certainly that—but rather, they are timeless skills. More immediately, and more importantly to us as parents and educators, they are the kind of skills that our children need in order to live more fruitful lives and to eventually train their own children to do the same.

We hope that you will explore our website and be encouraged by what you find. By following the relevant links, you will be able to learn more about the unique design features of our academic program. Also, we would love for you to visit us. Ultimately, we hope you will join us as we cultivate and enjoy the rich fruits of this new method of education rooted in centuries of sound educational practice.


Dr. Barker