Secondary Academics

Welcome to UME Prep’s Secondary Program home page. We have designed our academic program in such a way that teachers and parents work together to build a solid educational foundation for the students in their care. Students in our academic programs not only master core concepts and learn life skills, but they also build character and foster positive relationships along the way; and because the teaching and learning reach beyond the classroom and extend into the home, parents have the opportunity to weave their individual family values into the learning process.

Three Major Student Goals

As a college-preparatory school, UME Prep has three major student goals. By the time students graduate, all of our students will have acquired: 

  • A strong work ethic
  • A strong background in core academic content
  • Major intellectual, life, and career skills

Strong Work Ethic
UME Prep believes that the development of a strong work ethic is one of the (often missing) keys to both academic and vocational success. Broadly speaking, we define “work ethic” in terms of self-controlled effort willingly invested in fruitful labor toward the achievement of worthwhile and morally sound goals. As such, UME Prep includes as key elements integrity, diligence, responsibility, respect, cooperation, humility, initiative, creativity, and perseverance.

Strong Background in Core Academic Content
In addition to a strong work ethic, our graduates will need a strong background in core academic content in order to enjoy greater opportunities for post-secondary and vocational success. This core content is defined first and foremost by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which will serve as our foundational curriculum. This curriculum is vertically aligned and progressively more rigorous.

Major Intellectual, Life, and Career Skills

Finally, UME Prep has identified five major intellectual, life, and career skills, which the Academy will develop within students so they can enjoy optimal success in both post-secondary studies and vocation. Specifically, at UME Prep, we strive to equip all of our students to:

  1. Communicate effectively
  2. Reason well
  3. Conduct fruitful research
  4. Employ effectively and efficiently various tools, including data processing and telecommunications technology
  5. Exercise effective civil, vocational, and academic leadership